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Blum Honey Vanilla Sea Salt Toasty Almonds 6.2 oz


Roast your own Almonds at home in the microwave, air fryer, or oven! These are a wonderful addition to your table for a cheese board, wine pairings, or to just snack on. They also make wonderful gifts! Growm and produced in Chico, CA.

Most almond snacks on the market are pre-seasoned and available only in sweet flavors but Blüm's Toasty Almonds radically setting themselves apart by offering an entirely new way for people to snack. According to John Peterson, co-founder of Blüm, "We recognized it was time to introduce the consumer to a fresher seasoned almond product. The almonds in the kit are pasteurized—by law—but unprocessed. The consumer is the one who seasons them and then has an as fresh-as-possible product."

Blüm Toasty Almonds are offered in not just sweet but also savory and spicy varieties like Garlic Parmesan and Spicy Chili Lime. The naturally gluten-free snacks boast five to six grams of protein per serving and they come with individual seasoning sachets and almond oil to adhere the flavors to the dry nuts


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