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Kampot Red Long Pepper 100g

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Another very special pepper is also produced by La Plantation is Kampot Red Long Pepper. It is another flowering vine in the same family as Piper nigrum, but is completely different looking and historically was used much earlier than peppercorns. It is Long Pepper, or Piper longum, or Indian long pepper called “pipli” or “pippali.” It used to be used in European cooking and is probably why capsicum peppers began to be called “peppers” when they were first brought to Europe from the New World after 1492.

Long pepper looks like a hazelnut catkin. The fruit is attached to its stem in minuscule fruits, poppy seed sized. It is hotter than its relative, Piper nigrum. Both long pepper and round pepper were known in Europe and Piper longum was displaced by round pepper about the 14th century. It also must be milled in a pepper mill or in a mortar, with pestle. Used a lot in medieval recipes, it is now used mainly in Pakistani and Lucknow cuisine. You should try it to see the difference.

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