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M&CP Farms Build Your Own Olive Flavors.™ 2.5 lb

While not exactly from Sacramento itself, but from the end of the Sacramento Valley, that olive wizard, MAURICE PENNA, has come up with a very new way for you to prepare your own olives. Maurice’s family has been growing olives in the Sacramento Valley since 1951. He makes the range of olives sold under the M&CP FARMS. Now he has produced a half gallon jar of cured olives that will allow you to dress them according to your taste and ideas without having to go through the long process of actually curing the olives. The name for this new product is BUILD YOUR OWN OLIVE FLAVORS.™

Here you have cured olives in a brine, which you soak in fresh water overnight or a bit longer, depending on taste. You can crack them or not, also to your own taste, and then you just build the flavor that you want to give your own special olives. A recipe for this is on the jar or you can use your imagination. All you must do is de-brine the olives and then use them. The 2.5 lb jar is a reusable PET container, that is also shelf stable, but you only have to de-brine the olives, dress and enjoy. Obviously, the longer they are in your own special dressing, the more they become your own olives. Flavorful olives for entertaining could not be easier. And you can take pride in claiming them as your own.

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