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So, what is a Mangalitsa? Spelled also in slightly different ways, this is a notable breed of pig which comes from Central Europe, Hungary mainly, and was created by a notable royal in the early 19th century. The breed was once very prolific, now reduced in numbers. It is a “lard” breed, having lots of delicious fat surrounding reddish meat rather than the pinkish tone of modern, less fat pigs.

The Austrian Archduke, Joseph Anton Johann, the Palatine of Hungary, crossed older breeds with wild boar and a Serbian breed of pig to create this now unique breed which is notable for its wooly coat, not the silky thin coat of other pigs. It is extremely rustic and is kept out and generally on open pasture. An enterprising grower in Pender, Nebraska, Leon Svoboda of ELTEE FARM, has begun producing what the breed is famous for: LARD.

Lard is the rendered fat of pigs. It is used in a lot of cuisines, but the idea of lard has been shunned in recent times due to habit changes about eating and perhaps unwarranted dietary constrictions. Mangalitsa lard is open kettle produced from the animal’s fat. Lard is a wonderful fat for cooking, but unless you took the time to render it, it really is not found in commerce just as pure lard without preservatives.

Frying in lard is wonderful. There is no frying smell. Using lard in baking–it makes the best pie crusts and flaky pastry possible--is not possible unless you have really good lard. Now with GOURMET PORK LARD, the Eltee Farm’s brand of Mangalitsa Lard, you can try all these things. If you have never tried using lard in cooking, here is your chance.

Mangalitsa, a breed that is very rustic, has more Omega 3 monounsaturated elements in its fat than other fats. In this case it really is true that what the pig eats is transformed into what we, who eat the pig, get. Mangalitsa Lard comes in a 1.5 pound (24 oz.) tub and should be kept refrigerated or frozen. It may not be for everyday use, but when you want a really special taste and consistency, Lard it is!

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