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Corti Brothers Hojiblanca EVOO 500 ml

Corti Brothers Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil has the the influence of Marino Uceda and his family.

Marino Uceda is probably the most important oil technician in Spain. Having retired from his position at Jaen Oil Station, he now acts as consultant for oil production both in Spain and throughout the world, with his company IADA INGENIEROS. His daughter Mercedes is following in his footsteps.

It won a gold medal at the Los Angeles International Competition where, (full disclosure) I Darrell Corti am the chairman, but do not taste the oils. 


Hojiblanca grown mainly in the center of Spain, produces a delicate flavored oil from the area of Montes de Toledo. Our oil is from Antequera, in the province of Malaga, where the orchard was planned and planted by Marino Uceda for his wife’s family. The oil was extracted under his care at the Almazares Aguilar mill in Ecija (Sevilla). The fruit was mechanically harvested in excellent condition, on 23 and 28-29 October 2019, where 11 kilos of fruit produced one kilo of oil. Hojiblanca is a variety which produces oil of great finesse, well balanced, and not exaggerated in either bitterness or pungency. The oil was bottled for Corti Brothers on 20 June, 2020.

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