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Ardoino Drupa Aurea Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

Corti Brothers has imported Ardoino extra virgin olive oil since 1980.

DRUPA AUREA is a Pitted Olive olive oil. This means that the fruit is pitted before its crushing and extracting the oil. This was a technology used in ancient times to make ceremonial oil and with the use of a fruit pitter, has come back into being used for larger production. A question in using this technology is that the olives should be rather ripe to be able to extract the pit. Green fruit is difficult to pit. It is made from ripe Taggiasca olives.

There is material in the kernel of the olive pit which causes a degradation of antioxidants when the pit is crushed. Here this is avoided and the characteristic of pitted olive oil is that it is very delicate in flavor due to fruit ripeness but has high levels of polyphenols. It is a light fruity oil with aromatic herbal notes to its aroma. It is a perfect oil for those palates enjoying delicate oil, without the pungency and bitterness normally found with green fruit oils. This is oil for delicate dishes and where oil should be an unction rather than a flavor.

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